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Gotta Compile the .XAMLX file before it will work right with CSharpExpressions

May 25, 2013 at 11:26 PM
Edited May 25, 2013 at 11:29 PM
Your workflow will fail if it includes C# statements

From the UnitTesting Samples:

instead of creating the host like this:

line: 83
// Setup the host
        var host = WorkflowInvokerTest.Create(xamlInjector.GetWorkflowService().Body);
Use this:
//Compile the Expressions First:
// Setup the host
        var activity = xamlInjector.GetWorkflowService().Body;
        var host = WorkflowInvokerTest.Create(activity);
 public static class WorkflowCompiler
        public static void CompileExpressions(Activity activity)
            // activityName is the Namespace.Type of the activity that contains the
            // C# expressions.
            string activityName = activity.GetType().ToString();

            // Split activityName into Namespace and Type.Append _CompiledExpressionRoot to the type name
            // to represent the new type that represents the compiled expressions.
            // Take everything after the last . for the type name.
            string activityType = activityName.Split('.').Last() + "_CompiledExpressionRoot";
            // Take everything before the last . for the namespace.
            string activityNamespace = string.Join(".", activityName.Split('.').Reverse().Skip(1).Reverse());

            // Create a TextExpressionCompilerSettings.
            TextExpressionCompilerSettings settings = new TextExpressionCompilerSettings
                Activity = activity,
                Language = "C#",
                ActivityName = activityType,
                ActivityNamespace = activityNamespace,
                RootNamespace = null,
                GenerateAsPartialClass = false,
                AlwaysGenerateSource = true,
                ForImplementation = false

            // Compile the C# expression.
            TextExpressionCompilerResults results =
                new TextExpressionCompiler(settings).Compile();

            // Any compilation errors are contained in the CompilerMessages.
            if (results.HasErrors)
                throw new Exception("Compilation failed.");

            // Create an instance of the new compiled expression type.
            ICompiledExpressionRoot compiledExpressionRoot =
                    new object[] { activity }) as ICompiledExpressionRoot;

            // Attach it to the activity.
                activity, compiledExpressionRoot);