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How do I install Microsoft.Activities.Extensions?

Microsoft.Activities.Extensions is built for .NET 4.0.0 and .NET 4.0.1 (and soon .NET 4.5.0)
Which release should I install?

There are two options to install Microsoft.Activities.Extensions.

Use Nuget to add it to your project (recommended)

The NuGet install downloads assemblies for .NET 4 and .NET 4.0.1 (Platform Update 1). NuGet will automatically add a reference to the correct version of the assemblies based on the target framework of your project.
The packages are installed in the packages directory under the solution folder. For example, ConsoleApplication3\packages

What does the NuGet install do to my project?

  • It adds references to Microsoft.Activities.Extensions and System.Activities
  • It adds (or replaces) toolbox icons for the activities contained in Microsoft.Activities.Extensions

Install with the NuGet Package Manager Console (recommended)

  • Open the Package Manager Console (View / Other Windows / Package Manager Console)
  • Type install-package Microsoft.Activities.Extensions
Package Manager Console Host Version 1.4.20701.9038

Type 'get-help NuGet' to see all available NuGet commands.

PM> install-package Microsoft.Activities.Extensions
Successfully installed 'Microsoft.Activities.Extensions'.
Successfully added 'Microsoft.Activities.Extensions' to WorkflowConsoleApplication3.

Add Microsoft.Activities.Extensions to your project with the NuGet Package Manager

  • Right click on your project
  • Select Manage NuGet packages...
  • Type Microsoft.Activities in the Search Box
  • Select Microsoft.Activities.Extensions and click install

Download the zip file

  • Go to the Downloads page
  • Download the latest release of Microsoft.Activities.Extensions for the Target Framework you want. The default release is for .NET 4. The release with PU1 after the name is for .NET 4.0.1 (Platform Update 1)
  • Unzip the files and add a reference to Microsoft.Activities.Extensions.dll

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When will this be updated top support WF 4.5?