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WF Rules Activities for Interop with the System.Workflow.Rules.RulesEngine

The WF3 Rules engine can be used with WF4 activities. There are presently two sample applications which demonstrate how to do this.
  • Rules-ExternalizedPolicy4
  • Rules-Policy4
To make it easy for people to migrate applications to WF4, this feature would ship a set of activities in Microsoft.Activities to provide support for rules.

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jimitndiaye Sep 30, 2011 at 2:21 PM 
Do you accept patches or pull requests? I've got a Policy<T> activity which does exactly what you describe above (combining features of the Policy4 and ExternalizedPolicy4 with those of one of the older samples that stores rule sets in a database - borrowed liberally from ideas in the ADO.NET Data activity pack for that last feature).