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Use parameters for Promotion names in StateMachineStateTracker


Currently using String.Format which is a security vulnerability


anent wrote Jun 26, 2012 at 1:40 PM

Please fix the error with the parameter name, following is how the profiler view the statement.
The problem is the parameter name is inconsistent ->@Promotion should be -> @PromotionName. exec sp_executesql N'SELECT InstanceId, Value1
FROM [System.Activities.DurableInstancing].[InstancePromotedProperties]
WHERE PromotionName = @PromotionName
AND Value2 = @ActivityID
AND Value3 = @DisplayName;',N'@Promotion nvarchar(12),@ActivityID nvarchar(1),@DisplayName nvarchar(7)',@Promotion=N'StateTracker',@ActivityID=N'1',@DisplayName=N'WFState'

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