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1)How to insert Custom Data into Windows Workflow database? 2)In workflow Approval Process while creating new request ,how to insert our custom data like approvers ,requester,object info into WF DB?


hi ,

here the description about my question.

1)i am working on windows workflow,we need to implement approval process for my project.

2)we have multiple approvers for one request,requester,created object information.

3)now i want to insert and retrieve, created instance information from windows workflow
database.with all following details
i)Workflow instaceId,
ii)current state of work flow(idle,complete,pending)
iii)approvers information.
iv)requester information.
v)created object information.

here some of the links, which i am trying for solution:[^][^]

please answer to my question. if you want to send any examples send me to my email address.