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State and Connectors

Sep 9, 2010 at 2:12 PM


I've got some questions

1. In WF 4 State Machine connector XAML i have this

 <UserControl.ContextMenu x:Uid="cxtMenu">

  <MenuItem Header="Open new window"/>

right after 


However, the context menu that I see is still StateMachineDesigner contextmenu. What is wrong? 

2. For catching mouse double click on connector, there is "OnConnectorMouseDoubleClick", but I can't find something similar for state mouse double click ( I see that it works because it makes the activity visual root). How is this handled?

3. How I determin the activity which has a specific outgoing connector? "GetConnectorModelItem(DependencyObject obj)" returns StateMachine. I'm interested in getting a state somehow

Thank you very much