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xamlx workflows exposed as WCF service and Windows authentication

Dec 6, 2010 at 7:29 PM

I have (what seems like a fairly simple requirement). A .NET 4.0 workflow that has a receive activity 'can create instance' property set to true, and hence a WCF endpoint is created for this workflow.

I need to be able to call this WCF endpoint from an ASPX page( actually from a Microsoft Dynamics CRM hosted asp page) that has a user authenticated via Windows Authentication.

I need to have this windows authentication identity used/passed  to another WCF service that this workflow calls, the service may or may not be on the same server. So I can set up Kerberos to allow the double hop. But I need some direction on how to configure the WWF workflow recieve activity to allow the call to pass the windows credentials into the workflow.

So general questions / asumptions

1. Do I need to use the Windows Security CTP  ImpersonatingReceiveScope activity?

2. Does this also require me to install the Windows Identity Foundation code ?

3. How is the web application / virtual directory configured , allow impresonation, enable windows auth etc

4. Can I configure the bindings that the xamlx workflow will use?


I am running on Windows 2008 R2

thanks in advance