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Clean Project Overview

Clean Project is a utility that cleans Visual Studio project directories so you can quickly upload or email a zip file with your solution. How many times have you wanted to send a project to a friend or upload it to a web site like MSDN Code Gallery only to find that your zip file has lots of stuff that you don't need to send in it making the file larger than it needs to be.
  • bin folder
  • obj folder
  • TestResults folder
  • Resharper folders
And then if you forget about removing Source Control bindings whoever gets your project will be prompted with errors about Source Control.
With Clean Project, I simply run it and get a nice clean folder or zip file that I can share without any of these issues. For more see What Files and Folders Does Clean Project Remove?

If I install this, what will it do to my machine?

Email A Solution

Suppose I want to email a solution to my friend Sam. I've installed Clean Project and I've already got the solution open in Visual Studio.
  1. Select Tools / Clean, Remove Source Bindings and Zip Solution
  2. Attach the zip file and send the email


How Do I

How do I Install Clean Project?
How do I run Clean Project From the Command Line?
How do I run Clean Project From Visual Studio?
How do I run Clean Project from Windows Explorer?
How do I report a bug or suggestion?

Thank You

Thank you for installing CleanProject

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ChadForGood Sep 25, 2013 at 4:30 PM 
Love the idea of the tool. Would love to see some enhancements.

Command line baffled me for a while. Need to put colon after switch. For example: /d:dir. Me no likey that. How about more standard space delim?

Suggest: setup shell command for project and solution files. I don't like seeing it for all folders (even trash can!). This probably means the command line tool accepts project/solution file paths in addition to (or instead of) dir paths.

Suggest: simplify command line by eliminating /d switch. Consume parameters as dirs (and/or project/solution file paths).

Suggest: make command line tool safer by eliminating clean of working directory by default. It's not a hardship to require user to enter '.' if they want working directory, and it's WAY safer.

Suggest: Default to no confirmation. If have to specify dir(s), then confirmation is overkill. Also, with no confirmation and if params are supported, then your cmd would support drag-and-drop in windows explorer.

Bails on first locked file. Maybe just warn on locked file and continue on. NOTE: locked file was a which is likely to always be open when the solution is open in VS.