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HttpReceive Designer

This page offers several options that we are considering for the HttpReceive Activity Designer. Comments and feedback are most welcome.
The HttpReceive designer activity has an expanded and collapsed view.

Expanded Slim View

This option is a minimal designer. Workflow Authors will set the names of the delegate arguments on the property grid.

Expanded Full View

This option contains the names of the DelegateArguments request, response and args and allows the user to modify them on the designer surface

Collapsed View With Method / Uri Template

This option displays the HTTP method and UriTemplate even when collapsed

Collapsed View with nothing

This option displays nothing other than the activity display name. It is compatible with the style of most other activities in collapsed view.

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SamVanhoutte Sep 5, 2011 at 10:43 AM 
I like the expanded slim view and the collapsed method/uri template view