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HttpWorkflowServiceHost is the host for HTTP Workflow Services. It inherits from the WCF WebApi HttpServiceHost class and provides the following
  • A service host to listen for HTTP requests
  • Contains host level properties such as the Workflow Definition, BaseAddresses, Extentions etc.
  • Build up the UriTemplateTable that contains the UriTemplates of all receive activities in the host.


  • ValidationException - Thrown if the activity has no HttpReceive activities

Runtime Operation

Here is an example of a self-hosted HttpWorkflowServiceHost
using (var host = new HttpWorkflowServiceHost(service, BaseAddress))
    host.WorkflowExtensions.Add(new TraceTrackingParticipant());
    Console.WriteLine("Host Listening at {0}- press any key to exit", BaseAddress);


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schleicherx Nov 23, 2012 at 2:51 PM 
Please go ahead with this HttpWorkflowServiceHost it would be very great to have finally the possibility to invoke a WorkflowService via HTTP GET. This would really enhance WorkflowServices.